A Revision describes when a parent container or sub-section of content was changed.

  "id": "8537e8d6-758c-439c-af10-f60dd693044a",
  "parent" : "9db20a5b-cece-45be-96a0-c31ecedb721a",
  "index": 0,
  "authors" : ["01979fca-6ac3-479e-9f33-d89498836eb1"],
  "version": "draft",
  "created" : "2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00",
  "meta" : {
    "property": "value"
Property Description Type Required
authors List of author IDs who created the revision. array[string] Yes
created ISO 8601 timezone date the revision was recorded. string Yes
index Internal index of the revision. int Yes
meta Arbitrary Meta object of custom properties. object No
parent Parent identifier of the object being revised. string Yes
version Human-readable type of revision. string No