A Contributor describes any third party who has contributed artistically to the content, such as an editor, director, or script doctor.

  "id": "8e0cd67f-f9da-46b8-98b9-16169893b439",
  "given" : "John",
  "family": "Doe",
  "roles" : ["doctor", "editor"],
  "meta" : {
    "property": "value"
Property Description Type Required
family Last/family/surname name of the contributor. string Yes
given First/given name of the contributor. string Yes
id Unique identifier for the contributor. string Yes
meta Arbitrary Meta object of custom properties. object No
roles Sluggable list of system roles/groups the contributor belongs to. array [string] No


A Contributor is defined as a person reviewing, augmenting, or enhancing content originated by an Author.