An Annotation is a metadata item which describes an ancillary note made on an object.

  "id": "8537e8d6-758c-439c-af10-f60dd693044a",
  "parent" : "9db20a5b-cece-45be-96a0-c31ecedb721a",
  "highlight": [
  "contributor": "8e0cd67f-f9da-46b8-98b9-16169893b439",
  "created" : "2004-02-12T15:19:21+00:00",
  "content" : {
    "en" : "Does it have to be dark?"
  "color" : "blue",
  "meta" : {
    "property": "value"
Property Description Type Required  
color Label of a Color object specifying what colour to display. string No
content A Content object with the text of the note. object Yes
contributor The ID of the Author or Contributor who wrote the text. string Yes
created ISO 8601 timezone date the note was made. string Yes
highlight String character sequences to visually highlight (first/last chars). array[int] No
id Unique identifier for the annotation. string Yes
meta Arbitrary object of custom properties. object No
parent Parent identifier of the object being annotated. string Yes