A Cover describes how the front page of the screenplay should be presented.

  "title" : {
    "es-mx": "Sueño de fuga"
  "authors" : ["01979fca-6ac3-479e-9f33-d89498836eb1"],
  "meta" : {
    "property": "value"
  "derivations" : ["3608b093-1280-4834-9ea4-d9d2b8d711a6"],
  "additional" : {
    "en" : "Based upon the story Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption by Stephen King"
Property Description Type Required
authors References to the author IDs defined in the parent container. array[string] Yes
additional A Content object with arbitrary text. string No
derivations A list of derivation IDs to include in the cover. array[string] No
meta Arbitrary Meta object of custom properties. object No
templates List of internal templates a GUI host should apply to the content array[string] No
title A Title object with the name of the work. object Yes